Business Cards!

I feel so important now that I have a business card!!


Show time!

So it’s finally here, the degree show!!!

I’ve decided to choose my competition book to show, as I feel that’s the best piece I have produce over the year.



I’m so happy that I changed the idea around, and re-worked into the pages as it looks a million times better than before!!!!!!! I really like the use of block colours I have used and the fact I have stuck to the structure a lot better this time round than before. I have also experimented with tracing paper, over layered text as it brings the book to life a lot more by having different elements within the book. Last minute I changed the style of binding by having the binding hide by a strip of black, I chose to do this as I personally felt it fitted in better to have the strip than the see the binding. As the binding would have had no visual link to anything in the book, where’s now it has a direct link as the strip fits into the look of the symbols.

I will update with photographs of the show space once I have completed the putting up process.

Last thoughts on the final major project!

My last thoughts on this project, I think it has worked well has a whole idea with making the objects they all link together and back to the brief.

It was a good thing to push myself outside of what I  normally design, as I did want to show what else I can do. Although I think I will stick to making books again as I feel this project was okay but not the best one I have designed. I think I didn’t give myself enough time to be really experimental with the objects and to really push where I could put the stories, I think I did this on a couple of them but not all of them. Which is a shame and a  learning curve for me as I need to be more focused and not worry if its a bad idea just go for it and then change it  from the feedback from the tutorials.

I think the idea was there but I just did not push it as far as it could of gone, if I really thought outside of the box with it. I also think this has been an okay project but not the strongest one I have designed which is a real shame with it being the last uni project.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.48.48

Anyway off to the next thing! Which is getting ready for the degree show!!!!

The Big Idea final idea!

I have finished making the book and here’s the final thing!!!

This is the book on the screen.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.19.32.png


This is the book once its been printed out.

I’m kind of  happy with the final design as I feel it does fit into the brief with being curious, as you do question why there is book made about household objects . As I don’t explain why this is the theme of the book on any of the pages, as there’s not much text anyway on any of the pages. I did this on purpose to bring out the curiosity side within a person. To make them question and wonder, to get them to ask themselves these questions. I also have added in a tracing paper page, to try and break up the pages and to give it more depth.

I think if I could change anything it would be the wooden door page as I feel this is the only page that lets down the rest of the book as it’s a bit messy, but then that also fits in with the curiosity motion of why is that?


New designs!

So I’ve went away and changed the page ideas completely I have now brought colour and life into the pages!

I did a bit more research into the designs

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.13.40Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 23.13.42

And then I came up with these pages.

PDF book

I’m sooooooo glad I went back through it all, I’m so happy with the final outcome that I’m going to show it for the degree show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Changing things up!

During easter I decided to change my idea around for the big idea project and create a book on household objects which still links back to my original idea, but I’m just changing up the formant of it. As I’ve decided an expressive book would be the best way to explain this idea instead of creating physical objects, as I started to do that and it just was not  working at all!!!!!

But its okay as I’ve got an idea!!!

The book will be a little bit bigger than A5 size as I want it to be an easy book to hold and move around, which still links back to the idea of creating something physical.

I decided to just go straight into designing a mock-up of how it could look as I just wanted to start getting ideas down on paper.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.06.27Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.06.31

The good thing from making mock ups was I could see what works well and what does not at all, which I learnt from here that the photographs don’t particular work that well together. Although the type does it just needs to be way more expressive and out there. Which then lead me onto to looking to going back to the researching part, where I looked into expressive black and white typography. As I didn’t want much colour on the pages apart from a two of them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.03.59.png

Now I’ve finally done the research part, I can start to design the final product!!!!!!!

I’m a lot happier about this idea, as I feel this shows off the idea better with it being in a book formant all the information is in one product together. Which I prefer, so I’m off to make the book will update when it’s complete.

Desk object outcomes!

Over the Easter break I have been working on making the objects to sit on the desk, as I want the objects to stand out on their own but still work together within the set. Here they are!!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.12.34

The sheep ornament idea is actually from my own desk, so I decided to have the story typed up on tracing paper that would fit under the sheep. The text is very small but that’s the fun of it as it’s a mini story that is hidden away.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.12.41

The lamp! When doing my research I noticed it was very common for people to have lamps on their desks particularly in the student designers photographs. That’s where the inspiration has come from with the text around the shade. As it reads: There is aways light through the long deadlines. As I know many students stay up all night trying to finish off work before the deadlines, and they will use the lamp for light so I wanted to write a message on there that they would connect with.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.12.46

Wine bottle candle holder! This idea came from one of the photographs and it caught my idea as I knew you could do this, but I didn’t realise people kept them on their desks. I decided to create a label that would go around the wine bottle, so you could easily read the story. I also made the front of the label have a Welsh title as the student whose photograph it was, I know was Welsh so I wanted to give it that connection. The wine bottle label is again a simple easy to read sign with having the pink and grey colour scheme.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.12.51

Pin boards! I know this is a very common object to have on a desk, as I have one and I know a lot of people use them from my research. I placed some of the photographs I had collected on it, as that’s what you normally have on a pin board. But with also adding the two bits of paper with things to do, as this again is the type of thing you would have on a pin board. I wanted to make it realistic to what you would use.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.12.54

Tissue box! The tissue box is again another common product people have on their desks, that I wanted to use. I decided to have a message written with the tissues to give people the hope and its okay you can get through it as sometimes that’s all you need to know.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 07.12.58

Post-it-notes! Again this is another thing a lot of people have on their desks, which is why I wanted to use it to show the common products designers use. On them I have played around loosely with different handwriting types, to show the different types of people who use with all the different messages on them.

FMP final piece

I also made a PDF file that could sit on the laptop, that shows the objects up close and in more detail for you to read some of the text on the objects. As the text on the sheep ornament for example is very small.